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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Straining old friendships

Had a coffee today with someone I hadn't seen for many years... she asked me how she could get a casual job at the organisation where my husband works.
It's an arty place and this friend feels she'd enjoy working there. She's looking for a career change. How do you break the news that casual jobs are not easy pickings any more? Such jobs  (part-time, low-skilled, but in glamorous industries) are likely to be offered first to young students keen to work hard while they learn more about the role, as first step on the rung of a career ladder - fair enough.
I came away with a horrible feeling that I'd been used. (Even if I could, why would I try to 'pull strings' in that way?) I resolved not to use my old friends like that. I'll make sure a chat is just a catch up about them, not an excuse for opportunism. Have you felt like that? Or am I over-reacting!! This is one for Dorothy Dix, I think!

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  1. I sent her a link today (15/3) to an organisation that might interest her. Now I don't feel so heartless!


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