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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Online Content Editor (3) - Extra info emailed

Hi blogging buddies - This afternoon I spent two hours (!) adding from memory the duties of the roles I had up to 10 years ago because I'm sure I haven't kept the position descriptions of all of them (even I'm not that bad a hoarder!) and tried to come up with a reasonable sounding set of achievements for each of them. For example, for my recent editor job the list was:
* onscreen editing of...
* documentation of...
* project management...
Achievement: fast, accurate turnaround... reliable, professional standard of...

Sounds very manufactured, but it was the best I could come up with... so then I added a further long email with nine points about how what I've done connects with the knowledge required for this advertised position (which doesn't have a full job description with criteria, so I'm having to infer... except that, maybe, oh dear, maybe it's on their site and I haven't found it yet). 

Usually I'd just 'address the stated criteria' simple.  I'll let you know if/when I find out what they are.

I took a leap and added a few skills I thought I should mention from my hobby (non-professional) activities, without breaching privacy of course. Can be a fine line between being friendly and open on one hand and just spilling everything too soon on the other, can't it? Too late. Pressed the send button. I'll report back after Friday's interview whether any of it hit the mark. Wish me luck!! One day left to check out their website from front to back. Looks pretty vibrant.

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