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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

waiting staff at Maharani

This delightful local Indian restaurant has a notice in the window: waiting staff wanted...

The food is truly wonderful and I'm thinking about approaching them. I sent the info to my sister who is ex-hospital but she suggests I should go for it myself. I'm a bit nervous. What do you think? Please post your comment - yes or no. If one person says I should go speak to them I will (and I'll report back)...


  1. ex-hospital should read ex-hospitality (in other words she was a waitress!) Chris

  2. In my early career days I was between contracts and getting a bit desperate to do 'something'. I walked in to a local Thai place I ate at quite regularly. I had only worked retail before and this was my first foray into hospitality. I only worked waiting tables for a week before something in my profession came up, and it was pretty demanding work physically, but I got a lot out of it - including a developing a better appreciation for the culture, picking up a few words and customs, and getting a couple of good dishes. I'd recommend it.


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