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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On reflection

'"The most important lessons that one learns from 'great failures' or 'great successes' in our professional career are discussed.
One of the most valuable ways that adults learn is through reflection and what is important is to reflect on one's failures so as not to repeat them, and reflect on one's successes so hopefully one will."  From an abstract of a paper by Creighton, Vincent; Conway, Jane; Papp, Shane; Sosnov, Alex.

Will what, I wonder...! Does anyone have a good method of learning through reflection? How does one do it? Is it different from thinking? Or worrying? Or meditating? Seems a good idea, if we can be still.


  1. Quotes from my little 'Book of Reflection':

    "The purpose of 'Reflection' is a simiple one: release - release from the confines and constraints that hold us all in check; release from tension and anxiety, release from dullness of mind and heaviness of heart.

    "...discover life's inherent beauty, its simplicity and profundity."

  2. Marcus Aurelius (Meditations): 'Men seek seclusion in the wilderness, by the seashore, or in the mountains - a dream you have cherished only too fondly yourself. But such fancies are wholly unworthy of a philosopher, since at any moment you choose you can retire within yourself.'

  3. '...stay true to your true identity, the still centre of consciousness.'

    'Serenity of mind leads to a greater appreciation of beauty'

  4. And here's a lovely post I just found in a blog by someone called Robin Wood. She's an author/illustrator and makes beautiful (virtual) objects for Second Life. Check her entry about balance and reflection called Happy Equinox! on September 23, 2008.


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